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The Classic Pocket Square - How to Fold

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This fold is as straightforward and simple as it gets in terms of folding. It is the perfect square to start with when first learning how to fold. When you haven't had a lot of experience folding pocket squares, this is a great fold to practice with to build up your manual dexterity along with your finesse.

The edges on this fold are layered and rectangular in shape and the edges do not have to remain symmetrical. They should fall and layer naturally so that the fold doesn't appear to be too stiff. A more striking and creative fold can be made using contrasting colors for the edges.


Follow these steps:
  1. Place the pocket square fabric face down.
  2. Fold the fabric in half starting from right to left.
  3. The fabric must then be folded in half once again starting from the bottom to the top.
  4. Create another fold in half starting from left to right.
  5. One more fold will be needed starting up from the bottom to end up just behind the front.

Adjustments to the classic pocket square fold can now be done to make sure that the fabric square looks stunning inside your jacket pocket.

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