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How to tie a Bow Tie

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The bow tie found its rightful place in society and became extremely popular at the end of the 19th century. Dinner jackets were adorned with black bow ties while a white bow tie looked stunning with evening tails. Nowadays, a bow tie can be worn for all types of occasions by any man that wants to create his own fashion statement.

  1. Place the flat bowtie around your neck and make the right side about 1.5 inches longer than the left side. The right side will be referred to as side A and the left side will be referred to as side B for these step-by-step instructions.
  2. Bring side A across side B and keep it close to the neck to prevent the tie from becoming loose.
  3. Slide side A underside B and then bring side A upwards and through the neck loop. This will form a loose yet simple knot.
  4. Fold side B at the joint to create a bow shape. First, pull it left and then fold it over itself to the right between the points of the collar.
  5. Bring side A down and over the front of side B.
  6. Fold side A and slide it back through the loop, which is found behind side B.
  7. Continue to pull side A through the loop but don't pull it all the way through.
  8. Pull on the left back and front right to loosen the bow tie and pull on the back right and front left to tighten it.
  9. Continue to adjust both sides until the bow is tight and well-balanced.

Once you have tied a bow tie a couple of times you will become more confident and it will quickly become second nature. In order to create the desired effect, the bow tie must be tied perfectly every time.

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