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How to Fold The Rose Pocket Square

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This fold looks very easy to do when you first take a look at it but in fact it is more complicated to fold than it first appears to be. The person doing the fold will need to have a fair bit of dexterity and skill to make sure that the fold looks perfect.


This fold looks like a booming rosebud with the fold spiraling out away from middle. Doing it right the first time is key and minor adjustments will need to be made as the folding takes place. It's recommended that silk satin squares are used since they provide brilliant, rich colors that this square deserves.

Follow these steps:
    1. With your index finger and your thumb create a circle.
    2. Place the pocket square fabric onto the circle.
    3. At this point, some fabric must be pushed into the circle using 2 fingers.
    4. From below, reach into the circle to pinch the fabric gently.
    5. Using a circular motion, twist the fabric at the top to gradually overlap until all fabric has been twisted.
    6. While removing your hand from below, hold onto the folds carefully.
    7. Make any adjustments to the rose pocket square as required while at the same time ensuring that the folds remain twisted.

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