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Reverse Puff Pocket Square – How to Fold

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This pocket square features a variety of peaks in a loose style. It's a vibrant type of fold that allows a person wearing the reverse puff to add his own signature to his style. It can be worn for both casual and formal occasions and each time it is created there is a new look that blossoms due to the simple imperfection of the loose flair.


Folding Instructions for the Reverse Puff:
  1. With the square fabric facing up, lift up from the middle by pinching the fabric with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Hold the first finger and thumb of your opposite hand close-by.
  3. Run the pocket square fabric through the thumb and finger.
  4. Flip the fabric by holding it in the centre with the peaks facing up.
  5. The bottom is then folded up behind the front.

Make any required adjustments to ensure that the reverse puff pocket square perfectly fits into your jacket pocket.

Find out more about the fine art of pocket square folding at .

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