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How To Dress Up Your Denim With Cotton Flannel Ties

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In a world where men wear flip-flops to work, it’s not always obvious what smart casual actually means. Perhaps that’s why it is sometimes said that men and fashion go together like socks and sandals. They rub along but definitely not prettily, or happily or comfortably. Let’s take the issue of wearing jeans with a suit jacket or a tie for example. Is it a faux pas to sport a tie with a pair of jeans?

The answer is wearing a tie with jeans is certainly a cool way to look nice and get dressed up a little bit without doing the whole suit thing. The challenge is doing it well. For example, jeans today include many items that just won’t work with ties like artificially soiled jeans or oversized jeans that hang below the bor line. When you’re mixing the elements of style, it’s important to pick tailored fit and rigid jeans, which are a little dressier.


Then of course, you need to understand how to pull off the smart-casual look by teaming your jeans with the right business shirt and tie. The most important rule is that business shirts need not draw attention to themselves. That's what ties are for.  They add a touch of color and texture to otherwise conservative outfits and pull the disparate elements of your wardrobe together.


This fall, give your style a boost with the new go-to neckwear of fall and winter: Cotton flannel ties. The right flannel tie makes a perfect knot that will stay in place no matter what you're grooving to. The essential flannel tie is solid gray but you also want contrast, rich texture and variation like plaids, dots and repp stripes. For a wide and exclusive selection of ties perfect for your business, leisure or evening outfit, discover the Aristocrats Bows n Ties line of neckwear. Our cotton flannel ties are appealing with narrow styles and unconventional designs and they deliver premium styling as well as quality and value to customers.

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