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A Guide To Different Tie Fabrics | How To Tweak Your Neckwear For The Season

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Whether you're suiting up for the office, putting together the perfect look for a formal occasion or laying out casual styles for your free time, wearing the right tie can pull together the disparate elements of your wardrobe. If you pick the wrong one- whether it's inappropriate for the occasion, the season or it clashes with the rest of your outfit, it can throw off your entire look.

For example, when summer comes around, lots of people get on board with lightweight-suits; Lightweight suits call for cotton ties. As it gets colder in November, December and January, it’s then time to put the cotton ties away and get on board with the go-to neckwear of fall and winter- wool ties.

In short, think Jay Gatsby’s closet with a full selection of light cotton ties and linens for summer, wool ties and cashmeres for winter and all-season silks.

Tie fabrics for the different seasons

1. Cotton for summer

When it's cold, tweed, wool and cashmere suits are appropriate to keep you warm in addition to looking sharp and professional. In contrast, in summer, you want to swap these suits for more breathable and lightweight fabrics without compromising on appearance. To match your summer wardrobe, you need summer ties, also made from light and breathable fabrics, in particular cotton.

2. Wool, your safest bet for fall and winter

When the temperature drops, the fabric you’re wearing can mean the difference between keeping warm and shivering your way through the day. In winter, a toothy fabric like wool makes a solid choice for ties to go with your cashmere or wool-cashmere blend suits.

3. Silk for all seasons

Then of course, there is no fabric that can quite replicate the soft sensation of silk running through your hands. Additionally, silk is perhaps the most traditional and versatile fabric for ties; a 100% silk tie can be worn all year round, depending on the color and pattern.

4. Floral ties

And finally, while floral ties are more popular in spring/summer, what decides a floral tie’s season is more dependent on the color and size of the pattern rather than the pattern itself. Wear fresh and lively hues for spring/summer and more muted shades during the colder months.

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