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Accessorizing For Impact With Aristocrats Bows n Ties

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In an age of Dress Down Fridays and casual work places, it takes a lot to look your best everyday. In particular, your accessories need to compliment the rest of your outfit and pull the disparate elements of your wardrobe together. With a collection of fashion-forward and striking accessories for men including ties, bow ties, pocket squares and cufflinks, Aristocrats Bows n Ties makes accessorizing within your reach.

Our wide and exclusive selection of premium quality ties

A tie is the first thing people notice, making it an essential element of your wardrobe. Whether you are in the market for sophisticated business ties, vibrant colourful ties or bold patterned ties in finely woven silk, wool or cotton, we carry a wide collection of ties perfect for business, leisure and formal occasions.

Bow ties are back

Bow ties today are no longer the shiny and silky bow ties you are used to seeing. Instead, they are crafted from more textural fabrics including wools, selvage denim seersucker and straight cotton. Designed and handcrafted with craftsmanship and high-quality materials, our bow ties, like our ties make the perfect accessories for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a tasteful, all-over polka dot pattern or a classic solid coloured bow tie we carry it all.

Custom ties and bow ties
In addition to the latest products that cover current trends, Aristocrats Bows n Ties can also create one-of-a-kind accessories. If you've decided that custom neckwear is what you want we got you covered there as well. This service is perfect for brides and grooms to-be, in line with the new trend of custom wedding neckties that has seeped into men’s wedding fashion. You no longer need to settle for something pre-made.  Aristocrats Bows n Ties will custom make your wedding ties and bow ties to your liking.


Other products and services available

And finally, in addition to ties and bow ties, Aristocrats Bows n Ties also carries other important menswear accessories including cufflinks, pocket squares, tie bars and socks. We also have a loyalty program in place: The Aristocrats Bows n Ties Rewards Program whereby you collect points whenever you shop with us which you can then redeem because the rewards soon add up. Aristocrats Bows n Ties also emphasizes competitive pricing with all of our products priced at $25 and under.

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