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The Essential Guide To Wearing Bold, Colored & Textured Socks

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In recent years, men's fashion has become more European-influenced thus pants have gotten slimmer and hemlines have gotten shorter. After all, few things matter more in menswear than fit. Alongside confidence and the way you wear your clothes, the fit of the garments makes the biggest impact on your personal style. And with each passing year, tailoring is evolving and labels are producing contemporary suits with identifiably skinnier and often shorter cuts than eras of the past.

So suit trousers no longer drape down. They are much slimmer and skinnier and they sit higher up on your shoe. This new men’s fashion trend looks great, particularly in spring and summer allowing fashion-conscious men to get playful with their choice of socks and show off their shoes – perfect for those looking to step away from tradition in the search of something more individual.

Indeed, for quite some time now, there’s been a liberation movement happening down south with guys doing one of two things to free themselves from the traditional black socks.

- Either they are wearing bold and colorful socks - Or they are skipping them entirely.

Think about it. It’s not uncommon now to come across a guy wearing a suit and dress shoes sans socks. Similarly, men are combining jeans with multi-colored striped socks all the time. The key is to get the rules down.

Our advice: Keep the socks on

Going bare is one way to amp up your below-the-calf style. Colored and patterned socks offer the same deal but it’s less extreme. Additionally, socks offer a peek of personality and can easily add style to a basic black suit. After all, none of us have forgotten former President George H.W. Bush’s awesome hot pink socks at the April 25, 2013 dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library event at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Aristocrats Bows n Ties carries a striking collection of socks in key fabrics and a number of designs including block colors, polka dots and stripes. At Aristocrats Bows n Ties, our socks are designed to impress and stand out. Take a look at our Watermelon men’s socks for instance- Unique, colorful and just wonderfully exclusive. When it comes to men’s fashion, the devil is in the detail and we understand that.

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