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The Spring/Summer 2015 Bow Tie Collection By Aristocrats Bows n Ties

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This year, the new spring fashion is exciting featuring sharp color contrasts, harmonious blends of shiny and matt surfaces, stunning combinations of silk fabrics and casual styles and even a reinterpretation of the classic safari style. The menswear range, in particular, is dominated by rebellious styles focusing on animal prints, paisleys and floral prints, rock and roll motifs and reinterpreted retro designs featuring eye-catching colors for a cutting-edge look.

And since the goal this spring is to give classic styling new accents, the new Aristocrats Bows n Ties Spring/Summer 2015 collection reflects these seasonal trends. For instance, the spring trend suit that will get you through the next 6 months is khaki whether you need to suit up for a big presentation at the office or for a date. The exciting thing about this is that there are many ways to put together a look involving a khaki suit because with khaki being neutral, a widy array of colours will add a nice compliment.

Now you’ve probably heard that bow ties are back but gone are the days when the accessories used to be shiny and silky and worn exclusively with a tux. These days, bow ties are crafted from more natural fabrics like suiting wools, cotton, and selvage denim. But since this is spring fashion we are talking about, you need to join the cotton club. This spring, if you want to embellish your neck, you can’t go wrong with a cotton bow tie and you can choose whatever color and pattern you please.

Boasting a stylish collection of self-tied cotton bow ties with a focus on natural materials it is sure to guarantee maximum comfort. Aristocrats Bows n Ties SS2015 collection is both sophisticated and trendy and all our products are hand made. The bow ties, which come in powerful colors, also feature striking styles including floral patterns and reinterpreted retro designs as well as paisleys and polka dots. The bow ties are also perfect for spring and summer outdoor weddings. For formal occasions and a more luxurious look, Aristocrats Bows n Ties also carries an impressive collection of colorful and patterned silk bow ties.

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