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A Quick Guide To Novelty Cufflinks And What They Can Be

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If you are a guy, there aren’t that many acceptable forms of jewelry. Cufflinks however, especially an eye-popping pair, can be a great accessory to complement well-tailored basics, accent both casual and formal attires, snag a second glance or simply serve as a sure-shot conversation starter. In short, they are another way to be splendid and while ideal cufflinks are the timeless pieces passed down from your grandfather to your father and then to you, you can also get new ones and throw them on when you feel like it.

Cufflinks today vary greatly in design and construction including formal cufflinks, casual cufflinks and a breed that has been rising in popularity recently but a little trickier to wear right - novelty cufflinks.

About novelty cufflinks

The thing you need to understand about novelty cufflinks is that they are not just funky accessories. They can be as much of a fashion accessory as a political tool or a marker for a person's inner beliefs and/or state of mind at any one point in time. The trick is to wear the cufflinks right. For example, you wouldn’t wear cufflinks featuring a retro naked girl pin-up motif to a funeral or church but you could show your allegiance to a cause or political party by wearing the right novelty cufflinks. If you are a car salesperson or a Top Gear fan, sports car cufflinks make perfect sense.

How to wear novelty cufflinks

Depending on whether you want to use novelty cufflinks to break up a stiff suit, update a well-tailored basic with the right accessory, or simply express your mood, there are many different kinds of cufflinks available today that you can choose from. At Aristocrats Bows n Ties, for example, we carry quite an extensive collection of cufflinks so whatever your hobby, occupation or predilection, we have the cufflinks for you.

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