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Aristocrats Bows & Ties Rewards | Collect Points That Let You Treat Yourself At Our Online Store

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Are you the kind of guy who likes sporting a tie whether you are suiting up for the office or putting together the perfect look for a night out partying? It makes a difference, doesn’t it? A tie is a small thing but sometimes, small things can pull together the disparate elements of your wardrobe making you look the right amount of sophisticated and dapper.

In truth, when you are wearing a tie, you can stroll in pretty much anywhere you want because you are dressed right. The challenge is to make your tie anchor your outfit and not clash with it or stand apart. For example, length matters. Width matters too. Then there are solid, subtly patterned and boldly patterned ties.

Being the guy who always sports a tie comes with certain responsibilities, the most important of which is to have enough ties in your wardrobe so you would be set for every outfit and every occasion.

Enters: Aristocrats Bows & Ties, carrying a sophisticated collection of ties and bow ties made from exquisite materials and offering everything you need for casual styles and formal occasions. In addition, we offer a rewards program that lets you collect points each time you shop with us. Over time the points grow and upon redemption, you can treat yourself to the things you love at Aristocrats Bows & Ties a little more often. The rewards program is simple enough to understand.

As an Aristocrats Bows & Ties customer, you collect points whenever you shop with us.

For every dollar spent, you collect 10 points.

Because you earn points each time you shop with us, the points grow and the rewards soon add up.

Once you reach 2000 points, you can redeem your reward.


To track their points and rewards, customers simply log into their Aristocrats Bows & Ties account. Redemption of 2000 points translates to $10 off when you shop with us next at Aristocrats Bows & Ties. If you think about it, it’s a great way to update your wardrobe and save for bigger purchases. The points and rewards let you treat yourself a little more often to ties and bow ties you need for the different seasons, to go with different outfits and for different occasions.


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