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The Dos & Don’t Of Wearing A Bow

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Once dismissed as an accessory that only Neil Hamilton, antique dealers, Harvard professors and sadistic doctors can pull off, bow ties have known a resurgence in popularity in recent years that can perhaps be traced back to Matt Smith’s recurring phrase in Doctor Who - “Bow ties are cool.” From professors and certain children's television personalities to Gossip Girl characters, Swizz Beatz and sports stars, bow ties are everywhere and there is no denying that they are once again in the mainstream. The challenge it seems is to avoid looking old school and instead look thoroughly right-now. This is easier said than done, most guys out there have no idea how to put together a ridiculously sharp look with a bow tie yoked around their neck.

Let’s see how it’s done.

1. The material matters

Gone are the days when bow ties used to be made exclusively from shiny and silky materials. Instead, the neckwear today is crafted from more textural fabrics including selvage denim, flannels and suiting wools as well as madras and straight cotton, which are more appropriate come spring and summer.

2. Keep it black when it comes to formalwear

For formalwear, don’t think you can do it better than guys, who for decades, have been rolling up to the Emmys in satiny straight ties. Keep your bow tie black and keep it slim but you can opt for one in grosgrain or wool to put together a more contemporary look.

 3. Know your bow ties

Bow ties can be pre-tied, clip-on or self-tied. Then they can be pointed, batwing or hourglass. Every guy should know how to tie a bow tie but if you don’t, a pre-tied is totally acceptable so long as it’s not cherry red.

 4. Wear your bow tie right

If you want to dress down a bow tie, there is no easier way to do it than ditching your suit jacket and wearing leather instead. Alternatively you can roll up your sleeves. To keep your bow tie from making too much of a statement, mute it. Make it complement your outfit rather than standing out as a novelty piece.

 5. Your bow tie does not always have to be perfect

 And finally, if you are tying your own bow tie, don’t worry about a slightly floppy or off-kilter finish. As long as it’s looking real and it’s working for you, don’t sweat it.

There are plenty of times in a man's life when a bow tie can make a fashion statement or it’s just appropriate. For those occasions, Aristocrats Bows & Ties carries a large and timeless assortment of bow ties made from exquisite materials and designed to sit perfectly.



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